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Latin Intelligence Corporation gives you current, actionable, and verifiable intelligence on political, economic, and cultural risks in Latin America. We help you identify the risks you might face so that you can prepare for and manage them.

Our customized research and analyses enable you to make informed decisions as to why, where, with whom, and how you operate in the region, profitably and safely. We serve intelligence and security companies, private industry, financial institutions, investment and capital management firms, and departments and agencies of the U.S. Government.

Consulting Services

Why Use Latin Intelligence Corporation? Because… We give you what you need to know, not what you might want to hear, but only after we listen to your concerns, needs, and objectives. You need customized risk analysis, verifiable data, and innovative modeling that respond to your specific needs and enable you to identify, evaluate, and manage the risks inherent in doing business in Latin America, or when the U.S. Government makes policy toward Latin America. You need to know what is “really going on” in politics, economics, culture, and regulatory framework in your country of interest.  But this is not sufficient.  You need granular intelligence at the national, state, and municipal levels to get the complete picture you need to make fact-based, informed decisions. We help you navigate the often-turbulent waters of economic crises, shifting government policy, contract insecurity, socio-political-cultural changes, nationalism, and increasing foreign competition from China, India, Russia, the EU, Japan, and the Middle East. We don’t take on projects we cannot deliver on deadline, on budget, and to our standards of quality and performance. We ensure integrity and confidentiality.  This means, we will not recycle your findings and reports.

How We Consult with You

Once we ensure we are on the same page with you regarding timetables, budgets, and your expectations, we zero in on the make-or-break political, economic, and cultural issues you need to know and evaluate. We help you identify actual or potential risks others do not see, or are not thinking about. We keep you informed on an on-going basis of our results. This enables you to know where we are going with your project, what we are finding, and whether adjustments are necessary. We give you early warnings to save you time, money and effort.  We are the first to tell you whether, in our informed opinion, you need to stay on track, switch strategy, or move on to a different project or market.

Who Uses Our Services

Consulting and Financial Sector:
  • Management Consulting and Legal Firms
  • Civil Engineering Consulting Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Investment and Capital Management Firms
International Trade:
  • Exporters & Importers
  • Logistics, Transportation, and Port Facilities
Security and Intelligence:
  • OSINT collection and analytical products companies
U.S. Government:
  • Departments, Agencies, and Research Organizations
  • Special Operations Schools
  • Prime and Sub-Contractors
General Industry and Manufacturing:
  • Capital Goods and Machinery Companies
  • Critical Infrastructure Building Companies
  • Industrial Safety and Security Products and Service Providers
Natural Resources Exploration:
  • Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Metals Companies and Sector Investors
  • Satellite Manufacturers and Integrators
  • Content and Service Providers
  • E-Education and Training

Our Predictions Come Through

Here are some: The Region: Demise of the Free Trade Area of the Americas Predicted in 2003.  Killed by the U.S. and Brazil in 2004 Central America: Illegality Increase in Response to DR-CAFTA  (2004) Predicted in 2001. Growth of Crime, Violence and Corruption since 2004 Cuba: Peaceful Transition of Power, if the U.S. Did not Intervene Predicted in 2006.  Peaceful Transition in 2008 Argentina: Economic Crisis of 1999-2002 Predicted in 1998.  Argentina Melted Down in 2001-2002 Bolivia: Nationalization of Hydrocarbons Predicted in 2005.  Nationalized in 2006 Bolivia & Venezuela: Land Reform and Nationalization Predicted in 2005.  Nationalized in 2008 (Bolivia) in 2007 (Venezuela) Brazil: Devaluation of 1999 Predicted in 1997.  Brazil Devalued in 1999 Brazil: Election of President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva Predicted in 2000.  President Lula Was Elected in 2002 Brazil & Chile: Building of Nuclear Power Plants Predicted in 2006.  Legislation is Under Consideration China: Expansion into Latin America Predicted in 2003.  On-going in 2008 Colombia: Constitutional Change to Allow President Uribe’s Re-Election Predicted in 2002.  Constitution Amended in 2005 Ecuador: Mining Nationalization Predicted in 2007. Nationalized in 2008 Mexico: Inability of  Government to Contain Growth of Drug Cartels Predicted in 1995.  Mexico’s Government is Unable to Control the Cartels Venezuela: Nationalization of Hydrocarbons and Electricity Predicted in 2004.  Nationalized in 2007 Venezuela: Nationalization of CANTV Predicted in 2004.  Nationalized in 2007 Venezuela: Nationalization of Argentina’s Sidor and Mexico’s Cemex Predicted in 2005.  Nationalized in 2008